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Some of the fantastic artists we've supported through events and helped bring their ideas to an audience: the Guerrilla Girls, Stelarc, Martyn Ware and the Future of Sound (including The Sancho Plan Luciana Haill, Nick Rothwell [CASSIEL]), Lost Vagueness, Philip Auslander, Jon Dovey, Ernest Edmonds, Centre for Digital Music, Welfare State International, Tisch School of the Arts, Paul Granjon, Dreamtime Film, IIias Bergstrom and Beau Lotto, Arcangel Contantini, Blind Ditch Artists Collective, Dan Fox, Hannah Fox, Matt Fenton, Charles Kriel, Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam, Planet Angel, PixelWitch Pictures, al'Ka-mie Intermedia Theatre, Sarah Nichols, Hester Reeve, Kingsley Ash, Compagnie Incidents Mémorable, Digital Performance Research Group, Robin Fencott, Tom Flint, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, DJ Jazzbo, Tom Lloyd, Lodewijk Loos, Jo Marshall, Di Mainstone, Thomas Tichai, Floorspace, Sarah Atkinson and more...


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